Tidus (swordplaying) wrote,

Action with Roze!

[Maybe it was a being on a ship thing, Tidus mused, while he leaned over the railing of the S.S. Winno to watch the ocean waves. He knew Roze would be visiting soon. It would be nice to get the chance to talk to someone in person who wouldn't look at him like he was crazy. In some ways, he thought the people on the community knew him better than the people he was traveling with.

...Well, most of the people. His thoughts drifted to the petite brunette summoner. She was different. He actually felt he could talk to her better than anyone in Zanarkand. It was weird and he didn't really know what to think.

He tilted his head a little, enjoying the sea salt breeze on his face. Here he was, freshly seventeen, in a new world that made him question everything he had known before. They were already thinking of making him Yuna's guardian. Some of them anyway. For now, he would just live, and be grateful that he did have friends both in Spira and over the community such as Roze.]
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